Interview with Union Organizers

In this unique video series from LRI, former organizers and high-ranking union officials step forward to help expose the half-truths and distortions unions use when trying to convince voters to support outside representation. Your employees will hear from a genuine insider about an organizer’s tactics and motives. The modern myth of unions as democratic organizations is debunked; voters find out what really happens when a union gets its foot in the door. After watching Interview with a Union Organizer, your voters will know the shocking truth about failed union representation.

We will help you select the organizer best suited to deliver the maximum impact message for your situation. It’s sure to be the final nail in the union’s coffin. For even more impact, schedule personal appearances in coordination with the video. Access Organizer Previews now with password or call 800-888-9115, M-F 8am-5pm Central Time for more information.

Important Note: Many of our former union organizers are also available to do live, on-site union avoidance consulting.

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