Workforce Consulting

NLRB Campaign Management: When a company gets presented with a union petition, most are shocked and surprised. This is not uncommon and is not cause for despair. Your action or inaction here will affect the health and status of your company for many years, and most probably, for the duration of your business. If you get it wrong, you don’t get another chance.

ECLR will work with you in educating your managers / supervisors, and, of course, your employees on the facts and realities of union membership. When given the information provided through East Coast Labor Relations, your employees will see why union membership continues its decades long decline. After becoming educated to these realities, they too will reject the pitch given them by the union salesmen.

AnĀ NLRB election campaign can be a very delicate and complex legal process, requiring experienced labor relations consultants who understand the boundaries of the law. We work closely with management to identify the issues behind the union organizing drive and design an effective and legal campaign strategy that will preserve a union-free work environment.
Our experienced consultants, many coming directly from union leadership positions, will conduct coaching sessions for managers and will credibly educate employees about unions. We will ensure that employees receive a full and accurate picture regarding union promises, costs, collective bargaining, and what to expect in a unionized work environment. They do that with a credibility and integrity that only their experiences can provide. As a result, an environment where employees do not feel the need for a union is created.
This process cannot begin soon enough after union activity is present in your workplace. We are there throughout the entire campaign period, and our ultimate goal is to keep your company union-free, and help your organization build positive working relationships with your employees in an endeavor to remain union-free.

Post Campaign Management: Many companies make the critical mistake of thinking that once a union is defeated; they can simply go back to the old way of doing business. Today’s union organizer knows that the greater opportunity is in the second or third election, where the union win rate skyrockets. Their hope is that you make the mistake of continuing the behavior that let them in to begin with.
By maintaining a positive employee relations atmosphere using the tools and training available through East Coast Labor Relations, you can rest assured that the union won’t be back at the gates, and if they are, your own employees will be there to unceremoniously escort them off the property.