East Coast Labor Relations offers a new and different brand of Management Consulting for your consideration. Employees caught in the rhetoric of a union campaign are often swept away by the “too good to be true” sales pitch fed to them by today’s experienced union organizers. This information is always compelling, and exactly what your employees want to hear. Your team can offer all of the facts and figures in the world citing the realities and costs of union membership, and they’ll often falls of deaf ears when delivered by the very management team that perhaps caused them to seek third-part representation in the first place. This is where we excel!

East Coast Labor Relations consultants were once the very best and most ardent supporters of worker and collective bargaining rights. They believed in their charge and fought for America’s workers as high-ranking union officials and tireless, successful organizers. However, they learned over time that helping workers and social injustice in the workplace wasn’t the real name of this game anymore, and bringing in new customers, or members, was what mattered. The reality is, today’s union officials have become the embodiment of what they were supposed to be fighting; Corporate greed.

We formed this firm for the sole purpose of educating your workers on the realities, tricks, costs, rules, legal ramifications, and lifelong commitments that go along with belonging to a union. And we do it in a manner that comes with the credibility of  those who once believed, learned the truth, and can now expose the union and all of their tactics. Credibility that cannot be duplicated internally. While unions typically win between 60 and 70% of union representation elections, ECLR maintains a win rate of over 95%. Our greatest strength is our ability to speak to your employees at their level, utilizing skills we learned representing and organizing working people, with one exception; this time we have the truth on our side.