Union Avoidance Training


Do you need to be brought up to speed with current statutory and regulatory activity pertaining to union organizing? Do you need help assessing and communicating your vulnerability to union encroachment? Combined with one or more of our Vulnerability Assessment tools, our Strategy Briefing can tell you where you stand now, and what you should be doing to build a proper union campaign defense plan.


The cornerstone of a properly constructed Union Campaign Defense Plan is knowing exactly who will do what when the fire alarm is pulled and a union card-signing campaign is underway. This is particularly true of companies with multiple departments and/or multiple locations. You need to know:
  • What roles are required to run an effective counter-card-signing campaign?
  • Who are the right people to fulfill those roles?
  • What is the proper sequence to implement each phase of the campaign (using the Card Campaign Defense Kit)
  • This training is intense, and those who participate will know everything they need to know, and have everything they need to have, to defeat a union card signing campaign. LRI can train all of your teams, or can train a group of trainers so that your company has the ability to replicate JumpTeams in-house.


Just as front line supervisors are the key to a positive employee relations environment, they are also the key to your early warning detection system. With the advent of new union stealth organizing tactics, and the real possibility of a shortened election cycle, it is not enough to know just the physical signs of a card-signing campaign – your supervisors must know the behavioral signs. This in-depth role-play training will hone your supervisors’ skills to detect the early warning signs. If executed properly as part of a complete Card Campaign Defense Plan, you may never see an election petition filed.