LRI Online


Reliable, timely, and persuasive union-specific information is a must-have resource for your union-avoidance strategy. The six unique databases of LRI Online serve the highly specialized needs of labor law and labor relations professionals.

LRI Online Libraries are a constantly increasing reservoir of union-specific information you can tap into 24/7. These living, evolving tools examine a union’s factual record from a choice of perspectives: international and local organization; geographic area; and according to industry. The information generated after only minutes in one of our online Libraries—instead of hours or days of conventional and costly research—produces documented data that can help convince employees to vote against unionization or inoculate them against a potential organizing attempt. For more information about the research capabilities of LRI Online and how to subscribe call 800-888-9115, M-F 8am – 5pm Central Time.

The LRI Online Libraries

  • Clippings Library
    Newspaper articles reporting unfavorable union incidents
  • Constitutions Library

    Constitutions of the most active unions

  • Contracts Library
    Information on U.S. labor contracts
  • Elections Library

    Results of RC, RD, and RM elections

  • Organizing Library
    Union organizing activity
  • Daily petitions Library

    Supplemental petition information available daily

  • Strikes Library
    Union strikes and work stoppages
  • ULP charges Library

    Unfair labor practice charges filed against unions

  • Labor organizations Library
    Membership and financial information
  • Custom search Library

    Site Search and Company Search