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Union Avoidance, Union Maintenance Consulting Services

East Coast Labor Relations, LLC is a Management Consulting Firm committed to assisting clients in developing a positive work environment for its clients. Whether your employees are represented by a union, soon to be represented, or union-free and wish to remain so, our consultants have the expertise and experience to help you.

Management and Employees Working Directly Together

Our belief and mission is that both management and employees are best served by working directly together without the intervention an adversarial, outside third party, such as a union. We do this by working to repair and strengthen the employer-employee relationship, which ultimately results in more satisfied and productive employees and more profitable organizations.

Experience From All Areas of Business

Senior Associates at East Coast Labor Relations Consultants come from all areas of the business community: from the country's top leaders in the business world to former top officers of our country's most powerful labor unions. Whatever your organization's particular needs, from Management / Supervisory training, union-maintenance or union-avoidance, ECLR has a professional with the experience you need to succeed. We guarantee it!

Today's unions are more adept at getting their word to your employees. Don't let them hand-grenade your business. By developing the training and strategy we offer, we can minimize or even eliminate their presence on your bottom line.